A Christmas Tale

A long time ago, when magic was still apparent, there lived four spirit animals. A fox, a bear, a deer and an owl.

One day they noticed that winter was losing its enchantment and the Christmas spirit was fading.

The fox, spirit of fire, suggested that they use perfumes to preserve the essence of Christmas.

The bear, spirit of ice, proposed they employ the four elements - fire, ice, earth, and air.

The deer, spirit of Earth, began a quest for the most alluring ingredients.

And the owl, spirit of air, beckoned Eole to spread the fragrances throughout the world.

Together, the spirit animals dreamed-into-being the purest of magical scents.

And they infused each with their four Christmas feelings: joy, comfort, elegance and lightness.

This Christmas, rediscover magic with those 4 marvels by Mancera.

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