Discover the Enchanting World of Summer Scents

As the warm sun kisses our skin and the gentle breeze caresses our senses, fragrance lovers seek for the perfect scents to accompany their sun-kissed adventures.

Summer fragrances often emphasize citrus and marine notes, long with an array of playful floral scents. We have a few delightful unexpected touches that perfectly capture the essence of this season we adore.  

Whether you're dreaming of a tropical escape or reminiscing about past holidays. 

Here is the perfect summer curation from our collection you'll want to wear from now until the end of the season and even beyond.

Sicily - The Mediterranean Gem

Inspired by the picturesque landscapes and sweet citrus groves of Sicily, this enchanting scent guarantees a journey to the soul of the Mediterranean. Expect a harmonious blend of zesty oranges, juicy mandarins, and vibrant lemon, evoking the sunny ambiance of an Italian summer.

Melody of the Sun - Embrace the Sunshine 

A fragrance that captures the warmth and radiance of the summer sun. With its floral and fruity notes, this perfume encapsulates the feeling of lazy afternoons basking in the golden rays. It's a symphony of happiness and vitality, perfect for uplifting your spirits during the summer months.

Holidays - A Vacation in a Bottle 

Embrace the spirit of wanderlust. This fragrance encapsulates the excitement and relaxation of a perfect holiday. With its tropical notes of coconut, exotic fruits, and white flowers, you'll feel like you're on a sun-kissed beach, sipping refreshing cocktails under the palm trees.

Aqua Wood - Serenity of the Sea

Is a masterpiece that captures the tranquility of the ocean and the serenity of the surrounding forests. This aquatic and woody fragrance is like a peaceful seaside retreat, where you can escape the summer heat and immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature. Refreshing marine notes harmonize with the earthy scent of woods, creating an enchanting balance that will leave you feeling revitalized.

Lemon Line - Zesty and Reviving

This zesty and invigorating fragrance is like a burst of sunshine in a bottle. The tangy aroma of lemon is complemented by green and aromatic accords, making it an uplifting and refreshing summer companion. It's the perfect scent to wear on a hot summer day when you need an extra dose of energy.

Wild Fruits - Juicy Delight

A delightful fragrance that captures the essence of ripe, succulent fruits in the peak of summer. With its blend of sweet and tangy notes, this perfume is like a luscious fruit salad that entices the senses. Wear it to feel vibrant and alive, as if you're wandering through an orchard, plucking fresh fruits straight from the trees.

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