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Mother’s Day is a time when we get to celebrate the most beautiful and powerful women in our lives. What better way to thank her than with an equally lovely fragrance?

 Picking a fragrance…now that’s the hard part.  

Flowers are nature’s gift of fragrance–the original perfumer. Floral scents harness that freshness and exude the essence of femininity and romance. Florals can be paired with citrus notes, fruity notes, or even gourmand notes to create uniquely beautiful fragrances. No matter what, the classic femininity of a floral fragrance always shines through. If she admires the romantic, feminine, and elegant, consider these scents for the floral lover:

Juicy Flowers: Soft Rose and sensual Jasmine infused with sweet Pear.

Sicily: Delicate White Flowers and bright Citrus warmed with Sandalwood.

Roses Greedy: Elegant rose and Aquatic Flowers layered with a basket of fresh fruits.


Gourmand scents allow you to indulge in your favorite treats without eating them. Instead, you can carry their scent with you–think coffee, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, and spices. These scents are warm, rich, and enticing. But when paired with other notes, like the floral gourmand mentioned above, gourmand fragrances can embody a wide range of emotions and moods while keeping that “good enough to eat” allure. If she admires the warm, indulgent, and rich, consider these scents for the gourmand lover:

Roses VanilleAn enchanting marriage of innocent Rose and seductive Vanilla.

Amore CaffeRich coffee and sweet Vanilla kissed with a hint of Almond.

Tonka Cola: Sweet Cola and elegant Tonka lightened with Orange Flowers.


If she is always on the go or you simply can’t decide which fragrance to get her, our travel set is your solution. Design a perfect travel set fit for your favorite lady with five 8ml bottles filled with your pick of fragrances. Our pocket-sized perfumes are an ideal size for a purse (and TSA-approved for a carry-on).

Pick a fav (or five) from some of the recommended fragrances above for your travel girlie to take on her next getaway.

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