Gifts for Him

The special men in your life deserve special fragrances.
Explore scents designed to reflect and honor their qualities
that you admire most.


Cedrat Boise

Soft light filtering through citrus trees, Cedrat Boise is as
sensual as it is refreshing. Citrus, blackcurrants, and spices layer
over delicate jasmine, giving way to a base of warm vanilla and
woody notes.



Aoud Exclusif

A bold fragrance fit for an equally bold man, Aoud Exclusif
audaciously enters with an explosion of spices, leaving in its wake
a kiss of rose and melting into a layer of oud and leather.



Lemon Line

Like a squeeze of citrus in an ice-cold drink, Lemon Line
harnesses the invigorating power of citrus. Simply paired
with lavender and layered over white flowers and oakmoss,
this scent cuts through the most dreary of days with
an energizing light.



Vetiver Sensuel

A quiet garden stirring awake under a layer of dew, Vetiver
Sensuel is a soft caress on the senses. Citrus and bergamot
dance with orchid and mint on a base of vetiver and
amber, forming a striking masculine accord.



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