Making Your Fragrance Last

Store Your Fragrance Properly.

Where you store your perfume matters. If you’re like us, and you treat your favorite parfum like a statement piece for your vanity—you’re in for a surprise. To protect your fragrance from degradation, it's crucial to store it correctly.   

Limit Direct Sunlight.

Keep it away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can accelerate the break down of the fragrance's delicate makeup, leading to a shorter lifespan.

Limit Exposure to Air.

All fragrance connoisseurs alike aspire to save every lost drop of their favorite fragrances, but unfortunately, it only damages them. With every spray, more oxygen penetrates your bottle which breaks down the raw materials and dilutes them. 

To minimize this, follow these steps:

1. Be mindful of the sprayer: After use, make sure the sprayer is tightly closed to prevent air from seeping into the bottle.

2. Consider decanting: If you have a large bottle of fragrance, consider transferring a portion of it into a smaller, airtight container to reduce the air space inside the bottle.

Avoid Temperature Fluctuations.

Storing your fragrance in your bathroom where steam from daily showers can interact with them, is not advisable. Water, humidity, and frequent temperature changes can cause the liquid to expand and contract, leading to increased air exposure inside the bottle - and a reduced shelf life of your favorite bottle. 

Keep the Original Packaging.

The box your perfume comes in provides an extra layer of protection against light and temperature fluctuations. When not in use, place the perfume back in its original packaging. They were made to keep your perfume happy and safe for the long haul.

Where Should You Keep Your Perfume?

We recommend, a cool, dark, dry place. Before you bury your bottles in your closet, try inside a bedroom dresser or vanity drawer.

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