Summer Itinerary

Summer is the season of rest and relaxation. Yet, the warm weather seems to coax everyone out of their own corners of life to socialize. Concerts, beach days, barbecues–the season is filled with events. Allow us to take one thing off your mind: picking a scent. Explore our fragrance picks for the best parts of your summer itinerary.


Beach day: Melody of the Sun

Imagine the feel of the warm sun on your skin, the fresh ocean breeze lifting your hair and cooling you down. Your entire body relaxes and your breathing seems to slow and fall in tune with the quiet crashing of the tide. This is bliss. Melody of the Sun is a scent that captures this feeling with bright notes of Lemon, Grapefruit, Pear, and Jasmine. Appropriate to its name, Melody of the Sun is meant to be warmed by golden rays, its citrus notes only becoming more sweet and seductive in the balmy embrace of sunshine.


Picnic: Juicy Flowers

The perfect breezy summer day, a blanket nestled in the shade of a tree, the sunlight filtering through the canopy and casting your spread in a dreamy light. Plump peaches, luscious pears, and perfect sweet raspberries tumble out of an overflowing basket, each fruit perfectly ripe. Iced cold lemonade waits to refresh you with its bright flavor and complement the delicate sweetness of the fruits. Nearby, the soft aroma of a flower garden floats over on the breeze, bathing the area in the romantic accord of rose and jasmine. This is the essence of Juicy Flowers: pure delight.


Fair day: Jardin Exclusif

Dusk is settling over a local fair, the lights of the ferris wheel stark against the darkening cotton candy sky. The fair echoes with children's screams of delight and the bells announcing lucky winners of carnival games. The balmy summer air carries the sweet scents of treats: ice cream, funnel cake, candy apples. This bewitching charm is bottled up into Jardin Exclusif–an addicting delight of sweet candy, jasmine, rose, and vanilla.


Date Night: Roses Vanille

A candlelit table meets the cool summer night air. Soft music drifts in from the distance, accented by the pop of champagne. The aura of possibility hangs in the air. Roses Vanille is an irresistible blend of sweet and sexy, ideal for a romantic evening. Warm vanilla and soft rose sing a seductive melody, as addictive as it is alluring.


Firework show: Red Tobacco

Crisp night air surrounds a crowd holding their breath in anticipation. Suddenly, the night sky lights up with a burst of color, the boom of the first firework reverberating in your chest. Reflected on the faces of the crowd are both the dazzling lights and the look of awe. Equally as explosive as the fireworks, Red Tobacco is a spicy burst of Saffron, Cinnamon, Patchouli, and Tobacco.

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